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Bay & Bow Windows

Bay, bow and box windows can be installed in most large window openings, dramatically changing the feel of the room and the appearance of your home. These windows will instantly make any room feel bigger and more elegant.

What are Bay & Bow Windows?

Bay windows consist of three windows joined together. Generally, the middle window is fixed and is the largest of the three. Bow windows consist of four or more windows joined together to form a curve. The design of the windows creates a grand view from the inside and curb appeal from the outside. Typically, bow windows are fixed, but can also be installed in a series of casements, single-hung, or double-hung windows, or all three.

Benefits of Bay & Bow Windows

Natural Light

Because bay and bow windows protrude out from the side of your home, they funnel in a lot of additional natural light.

Additional Space Inside Home

The curvature and length of a bay or bow window will help the room appear larger. A standard window is flat and lacks dimension, but a bay or bow window creates an illusion that the room is larger because of its shape.

Increase Curb Appeal

As with any home improvement project, considering the added value and curb appeal is important. Installing a new bay or bow window can help to increase both of these.

Are there rooms in your home that are in need of more natural lighting? Our bay, bow and box windows will increase the light and allow for additional ventilation. Our windows are skillfully crafted, energy efficient and enhance indoor comfort, but they also add to the exterior of your home as well. These windows add dimensions and depth and beautify your home’s curb appeal.

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