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Garden windows invite the outside into your home by adding sunlight and warmth and providing an ideal growing space. Garden windows have unique trapezoid casements that open for increased ventilation and allow extra light to flood the space.

What are Garden Windows?

Garden windows protrude out from the side of the house and feature an interior shelf for various plants and herbs. These windows contain side vents which provide plenty of ventilation for your home and your plants. Because the window extends beyond the house, be careful with placement as you don’t want to install a garden window where it could interfere with sidewalks or patios. Consider adding a garden window to your kitchen for added light and convenience.

Benefits of Garden Windows

Personal Style

Your new garden window is going to add style to the interior and exterior of your home. These windows aren’t as common as others, making them unique and beautiful to look at.


If you love to have a great view of your yard, a garden window is the perfect choice. These windows give you a better view so you can enjoy the outdoors without even being outside. You'll also have a clear view of the sky through the top pane of glass. This can really help to open up your kitchen area to feel more spacious.


Garden windows come with four panes of glass that let additional light into your kitchen. More light makes all the tasks you'll be doing in your kitchen easier without overhead lighting.

Garden windows are the perfect replacement for that plain old window above your kitchen sink. Just think, you could be growing fresh herbs right in your kitchen! With all of the extra natural light, your plants will flourish for a healthy, happy home.

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