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Precision has years of experience in restoring and replacing historic windows. Our extensive background in wood species, glazing and finishes, and exposure to hundreds of different designs enable us to effectively manage any type of project. With Precision’s unique experience, we have the ability to replicate or restore any profile, size or shape of wood windows.

Benefits of Restoring Historic Windows


Old windows have historic character that can't be matched in modern models. With simple repairs, your old windows can open and close with ease.

Retrofitting For Energy Efficiency

We can help you evaluate energy-saving solutions and the estimated costs associated. Then we can consider what additional efficiency gains or energy savings retrofitting your windows can offer. At Precision, we can retrofit your old windows, adding insulation and sealing air leaks to make them more energy efficient.

Window Retrofits Boast a Great Return on Investment

Window retrofits such as cellular shades, storm windows, and insulating shades can achieve energy savings comparable to replacements at a much lower cost. Interior storm windows also reduce potential exposure to lead-based paint, while exterior storm windows help extend the useful life of historic windows by offering protection from the elements.

Benefits of Replacing Historic Windows

Visual Accuracy

New windows can be made to look reasonably close to the original historic windows.

Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient windows help keep the indoor temperature comfortable. Historic homes tend to have many wooden parts such as crown molding, interior doors or even antiques. All of these need a comfortable indoor environment to remain as stable as possible. In addition to replacement windows’ excellent energy efficiency, we also have glass options that can filter out most harsh UV rays that could fade wood, fabric or artwork.

Low Maintenance

Traditional windows can be difficult to maintain, so consider choosing replacement windows made with materials that require minimal maintenance such as vinyl or aluminum. If you can’t part with traditional wood material, we offer new replacement windows made out of wood as well.

Not sure whether to restore or replace your historic windows? Contact us at Precision Windows and Doors at 816-524-8999 or 913-649-1199 for help.  



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