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Exterior stucco is one of the most elegant and durable finishes you can choose for the outside of your home. While it’s commonly associated with Spanish-style architecture, it’s versatile enough to suit modern, traditional, Mediterranean, contemporary, and Mission styles as well. You can choose from a variety of textures, and just about any color you can think of, to create the look you want. And, when you’re ready for a change, stucco is easy to restore or renovate.

What is Stucco Siding?

Stucco is made from a mixture of cement, water, and sand. It’s traditionally installed in 3 coats, with a rough wire frame embedded in the bottom layer for stability. Once dry, it’s nearly as hard as a rock. Unlike typical vinyl or clapboard siding that comes in one texture, a skilled stucco installer like Precision Windows and Doors can create a unique finish ranging from rough to smooth, allowing you to customize your home’s exterior. You can learn more about caring for stucco siding on our blog.


Many homeowners choose stucco siding because it’s durable and virtually maintenance-free. It resists fire and termites, reduces noise transmission, and doesn’t require painting. It makes a good insulator, and it’s suitable for use on homes with unique design features such as curves and sharp angles. Stucco siding is also impact resistant, making it a great choice for houses here in the Kansas City area that are prone to damaging hail from thunderstorms. And, all this comes at an affordable cost.

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