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There's a reason vinyl siding is the most popular choice for remodeling and new construction—it delivers the quality appearance of wood without the costly, time-consuming maintenance. Vinyl won't split, peel or rot. And because its color goes all the way through the panel, it will never need to be scraped, stained or painted.

Whether you expect the highest level of quality and thermal performance or you're looking for value without compromise, vinyl siding delivers.

Popular Styles

Horizontal Vinyl Siding

One of the most common vinyl siding styles is horizontal or 'traditional lap' siding. As the name implies, horizontal siding runs from side to side around a house. Styles include Dutch Lap, flat, clapboard, straight lap and beaded. Horizontal vinyl siding comes in many different textures, lengths, widths, and thicknesses. It’s available in profiles that range from 4 inch lap to 7 inch lap.

Vertical Vinyl Siding

Vertical vinyl siding runs up and down the house as opposed to side-to-side. Traditional vertical siding can have a 3.5 to 5 inch exposure. Board & batten is a popular style of vertical siding, which consists of wide boards with a smaller board or 'batten' used to seal the space where the two wide boards meet. This makes it weather tight and helps with energy efficiency. It’s available with either a 7 or 10 inch width.

Vinyl Shakes, Shingles and Scallops

Shake, shingle, and scallop siding gives you beautiful form and function plus with a variety of color, texture and shape options. Whether you choose cedar, hand-split shake, perfection, staggered edge or half round styles, you’ll end up with a low-maintenance home exterior that suits your unique style.

Vinyl Soffit

The material connecting the roof overhang and the side of your building is called soffit, which aids in protection against the elements. Maintaining the eaves and overhangs of your home can be a laborious, yet important chore. Easy-care vinyl soffit offers a beautiful finished appearance while providing the ventilation needed to remove excess heat and humidity from eaves, overhangs and attics.


Precision Windows & Doors has been serving the greater Kansas city and surrounding areas for more than 30 years. Call us today at (816) 524-8999 or (913) 649-1199 to schedule a free vinyl siding estimate for your home.

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