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Add Warmth and Design to Your Home with Sliding Windows

Your home will benefit with smooth, clean lines, adding warmth and beauty to any room.

What Are Sliding Windows?

Sliding windows are side-by-side and open by sliding left or right. In a single slider, one sash opens horizontally while the other sash remains stationary. In a double slider, both sashes are able to open, opening the room and allowing fresh air inside.

Sliders are available in 2 or 3 Lite designs allowing for perfect customization in your home. The 3 Lite design features a middle window panel that remains stationary.

Benefits of Sliding Windows

Easy to Open

Sliding windows are easier and faster to open than crank-style windows because of their smooth operation on brass rollers. Since they open and close without protruding, sliding windows are a great choice for rooms facing walkways, decks or porches. They are also a favorite for contemporary style homes.

Low Maintenance

Sliding windows have fewer parts than conventional windows, making them a low-maintenance and cost-effective choice for residential homes.


Springs and pulleys can fail over time. Because slider windows don’t rely on these components, they’re more durable than conventional windows. Most slider windows also use window glazing, adding to their durability.

Energy Efficiency

Window glazing improves insulation and energy efficiency, which can result in lower energy bills over time.

Unobstructed Views

Sliding windows are generally much larger than other windows. Since your eyes take in more from side-to-side than up-and-down, a larger sliding window provides a panoramic view. Larger windows also increase natural light and ventilation, two other benefits of sliding windows.

Precision Windows & Doors proudly serves the greater Kansas city and surrounding areas. Our experienced design professionals will work with you to find the best sliding window solution for your home, all within your budget. Call us today at (816) 524-8999 or (913) 649-1199 for a free estimate.



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