Bay & bow windows

Dramatic elegance and natural lighting

Is your home in need of more natural lighting? Bay, bow, and box windows dramatically change a room, making it feel larger and more elegant while adding additional light and ventilation. The design of the windows creates a grand view from the inside and curb appeal from the outside.

Bay windows consist of three windows joined together, and bow windows consist of four or more windows joined together to form a curve. Bow windows are typically fixed, but can also be installed in a series of casement, single-hung, and double-hung windows, or even all three.

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Natural light

Because bay and bow windows protrude out from the side of your home, they funnel in a lot of additional natural light.

Wide range of options

A standard window is flat and lacks dimension, but bay or bow windows make a room appear larger.

Increased curb appeal

As with any home project, considering added value and curb appeal is important. Installing a new bay or bow window increases them both.

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Top ten reasons to replace your home’s windows

New, energy-efficient windows can save you money on your heating and cooling bills– yet that’s not the only benefit. Here are ten reasons to invest in replacement windows.

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