Historic windows

Replicate or restore any historic window

Precision Windows & Doors has years of experience in restoring and replacing historic windows. Our extensive background in wood species, glazing, finishes, and exposure to hundreds of different designs enable us to effectively manage any type of project. We have the ability to replicate or restore any profile, size, or shape of wood windows.

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Restoring historic windows

Old windows have a historic character that can’t be matched in modern models. Fully restore old windows, retrofit them with storm windows, or have simple repairs to help them open and close with ease.

Increase energy efficiency

Evaluate energy-saving solutions such as adding insulation and sealing air leaks to make historic windows more energy-efficient.

Preserve history

Adding cellular shades, storm windows, and insulating shades cost less than a full replacement while increasing the life of the window.

Replacing historic windows

Are your historic windows unable to be restored? We have the ability to replicate any profile, size, or shape of wood windows for a brand-new close match to your existing historic windows.

Preserve your home

Old homes tend also have historic wooden crown molding, interior doors, and antiques requiring a stable environment. Historic replacement windows offer maximum energy efficiency and glass filtering out harsh UV rays that fade wood, fabric, and artwork.


While we also offer wood, new vinyl or alumnimum windows require minimal maintenance as opposed to difficult to maintain historic wood windows. Contact us to get started!

How do I know if I need new windows?

Replacing old windows lowers energy bills, blocks noise, increases comfort, improves safety, and requires less maintenance! But how do you know when it’s finally time to invest in replacement windows?

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