Steel siding

Long-lasting, durable, and low-maintenance

Steel siding provides a strong, impact-resistant barrier between your home and the Kansas and Missouri weather. With a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from, you can achieve a seamless look that will suit any home.

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Independently verified to withstand hurricane-force winds, steel siding is less prone to dents and damage from hail and extreme winds– perfect for frequent hailstorms in the greater Kansas City area.


Kynar® PVDF coating technology provides luxurious, low-gloss colors that resist scratching, fading, chalking, chipping, and more. Steel siding requires little maintenance as most dirt and debris is washed away by rain, and what isn’t can be washed with a garden hose or pressure-washer.


Steel siding is non-combustible and has a melting point of approximately 2,500℉, preventing it from catching fire, burning, or melting.


Unlike cement or wood, steel siding won’t absorb moisture and requires no caulking. This means it’s resistant to mildew and fungus growth. Steel siding also resists brittleness in cold weather, and won’t buckle from expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather changes.


Made from recyclable material, you can protect your home and the environment when choosing steel siding.
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Is new home siding really worth it?

Wondering if replacing your home’s siding is worth the investment? This single home improvement project adds beauty and resale value to your home and saves on energy costs. You can expect almost an 81% return on your investment!

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