Stucco siding

Elegant and easy to maintain

One of the most elegant and durable finishes you can choose for the outside of your home, stucco siding is made from a mixture of cement, water, and sand. Stucco is traditionally installed in 3 coats, with a rough wireframe embedded in the bottom layer for stability. Once dry, it’s nearly as hard as a rock.

A skilled stucco installer from Precision Siding & Windows can create a unique finish ranging from rough to smooth, allowing you to customize your home’s exterior.

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Versatile style

While commonly associated with Spanish-style architecture, stucco is versatile enough for modern, traditional, Mediterranean, contemporary, and Mission styles and is suitable for use on homes with unique design features such as curves or sharp angles.

Endless options

Choose from a variety of textures and any color you can think of to create the look you want. When you’re ready for a change, stucco is easy to restore or renovate.

Easy to maintain

Stucco resists fire and termites, reduces noise transmission, doesn’t require painting, makes a good insulator, and is impact-resistant, making it a great choice for houses in Kansas and Missouri prone to damaging hail.

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The benefits of stucco siding for your house

When it’s time to purchase new siding for your home, it’s important to choose siding that is long-lasting, affordable, and will protect your home from the weather extremes common in Kansas City. Stucco fits this bill with great versatility.

Save on heating and cooling costs with Precision Siding & Windows.

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