Commercial doors

Improve your property's security and value

Secure new doors breathe life into your apartment or commercial property while improving ease of use! Precision Siding & Windows offers a range of commercial doors to complement any building style or design no matter your budget, aesthetic goals, or security needs and installs them in a professional, expert, timely manner for businesses in Kansas and Missouri.

Doors have numerous parts working together to be safe and secure. Do your commercial doors have broken-hinges, strange noises, worn-out weather strips, or compromising scratches and dents? Don’t wait for bigger issues. Have an expert Kansas City door repair and installation company upgrade them.

Our commercial services include:

  • Emergency lock replacement
  • Break-in repair
  • Protector Break-Through Resistant Glass
  • New construction doors
  • Existing building doors
  • Smart key technology
  • Customizable options
  • Timely replacement and repair
  • Kwikset Signature Series Hardware

Decrease energy costs

Thanks to today’s energy-efficient options, new doors could save you significant amounts on heating and cooling costs down the line.

Increase security

Precision Siding & Windows in Kansas City offers a full line of steel security doors and Protector Break-Through Resistant Glass.

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Should you install an exterior door yourself?

Here are some factors that will help determine if installing an exterior door is your next DIY project or if you need to call the pros.

Save on heating and cooling costs with Precision Siding & Windows.

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