Patio doors

Bring the outdoors in with patio doors

Patio doors from Precision Siding & Windows are energy efficient and developed to provide durability and easy operation. Virtually maintenance-free, patio doors add a touch of personal style plus clean, elegant lines that enhance architectural beauty.

With the cold winters and hot summers of Kansas and Missouri, Precision Siding & Windows will also walk you through energy-efficient options such as U-factor, R-value, Low-E glass, UV coatings, and others to save you money on heating and cooling.

  • Provides functionality and style
  • Key lock standards
  • Additional natural light
  • Thermal efficient to reduce your utility bills
  • Long-term, low-cost upgrade
  • Aluminum tracks optimal operation and durability
  • Key lock standards

Sliding patio doors

Sliding, or gliding, patio doors slide horizontally with one operating panel and one stationary panel. They fit in tight spaces and don’t interfere with your patio or interior.

Swinging patio doors

Swinging hinged patio doors open into a room or out onto a patio for a bold, dramatic statement. Swinging patio doors also add ventilation to the interior of your home.

Folding patio doors

Folding, outswing, panoramic patio doors bring the outdoors inside. When closed, they’re a large wall of light. When open, they fold out of sight! Choose from doors up to 48 feet wide that open from the left, right, or center.

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How to add value to your home by remodeling its exterior

The design of your home’s exterior can make it really stand out in your neighborhood. But performing exterior renovations and remodels does more than making your house look nice.

Save on heating and cooling costs with Precision Siding & Windows.

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