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Let’s face it. It doesn’t matter if you own or rent a home or run a business. Windows and doors play a vital role in the security of our homes and businesses. Our company doesn’t just focus on installation and replacement of windows. We craft custom doors in Kansas City as well.

The siding of a home contributes to the level of protection the home offers. The material that buildings are made of can erode over time because of weathering and age. That is why we offer board, vinyl, stucco, and steel siding to residential homes and commercial businesses. We also provide siding replacement. Our investment in windows, doors, and siding in Kansas City results in Precision Windows & Doors providing the best service and security in Kansas City. We feel safe in our homes when we know that our windows, doors, and siding are reinforced for safety against both burglars and extreme weather conditions.

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How can I tell if my front door needs replaced?

An entry door that sticks, leaks or has cracks isn’t just a nuisance, it can lead to security issues and utility bill increases. But how do you know if you should keep repairing or if it’s time for a new door? There are a few common signs that your front door needs replaced.

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