Precision Windows and Doors in Kansas City can add value to your home by remodeling its exterior

The design of your home’s exterior can make it really stand out in your neighborhood. It also helps gives home buyers a positive first impression if you ever decide to sell your property. But performing exterior renovations and remodels do more than just make your house look nice, changes and updates can also increase its value.

Exterior Projects that Deliver a High ROI

There are a ton of ways to update the exterior of your home, but not all of them will add significant value to your property. In some cases, a change might repel buyers, making it harder to sell the property. To avoid this, you need to choose your projects carefully to ensure you get good returns on your investment.

These are five exterior projects you should consider for a higher return on investment (ROI):

  • Install new siding: As a siding contractor in Kansas City, we know this is an ideal option to make your home look new again instead of getting a new paint job. The Cost vs.Value report shows the average return on investment from this exterior project is 75.6 percent.
  • Install an outdoor kitchen: Adding a kitchen to your patio can transform your backyard into an additional room. You can enjoy alfresco lunches or dinners, relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the breeze and have fun barbecues in the summer.
  • New garage doors: Replacing an old garage door is beneficial as it improves the security of the space and the look your home. The price of a new garage door varies, depending on the material of your choice. This may seem like a small project, but it’s a worthy investment. You can recoup an average of 97.5 percent of the project cost.
  • Fire Pits: This outdoor feature adds a focal point to your backyard. Installing a fire pit is relatively more inexpensive than other outdoor features. It will also allow you to recoup 25 percent of what you spent to install it if you decide to sell.
  • Adding a new deck: A deck allows you to extend your living space into the outdoors. The average cost of building a new deck is about $7,225, depending on the materials you use. For wood decks, you can recoup up to 75.6 percent of your costs.

Create a Strong Plan for the Project

Planning your remodeling project is crucial because it helps you achieve your desired results. It will be helpful to have a clear vision of how you want your exterior to look. When you’re at a loss for ideas, try scouring the web or leaf through home renovation magazines.
Once you know what you want, create a strategy on how you will tackle the tasks needed to accomplish the project. Work with professionals when it comes to technical matters, like electrical or plumbing. They have the right equipment and skills to execute the job correctly, reducing the risk of costly mistakes and accidents.

Your plan should also include how much budget you’re willing to spend on the project. Budget is a vital part of remodeling a home. It helps you decide what project to pursue as well as the materials to use.

Invest time in researching the average costs for each exterior project you’re planning to do. This will tell you how much you should save. That’s why it’s important to think ahead, from defining your budget to finding the right contractor for the project, giving you more time to prepare.

Update Your Exterior with the Latest Design Trends

Design trends are also an excellent source for exterior remodeling ideas. You can apply some of them to give your home a fresh look. This 2019, expect to see mixed materials, welcoming front porches, and attractive garage doors. The trends you can try include:

  • Front porches – install railings and columns in front of your home to create a porch so you can enjoy the summer breeze outside while reading your favorite book on a rocking chair.
  • Indoor-outdoor living – outdoor living spaces are becoming more common. Large doors create a seamless flow between indoors and outdoors. Invest in quality outdoor furniture to create a comfortable outdoor living room for your celebrations this summer.
  • Facades with mixed materials – combining various materials to your siding, accents, and roofing system creates an interesting appeal. You can mix materials like wood, stone, glass, and metal, depending on the style you envision.
  • Glass garage doors – switch to opaque glass doors if you’re tired of the usual metal garage doors. This material enhances the aesthetic of your home and injects a modern twist to it. Professional designers can assist you in finding what works for you. They can also suggest remodeling projects that not only enhance the functionality of your outdoor space but also add value to your property. Exterior remodeling projects are an exhaustive process, so it pays to seek professional help.

Work with a Professional Contractor

Before you start working on your project, it’s essential to form your team. This can help you execute the remodel according to your plan. Find a designer and contractor who understand your vision and have the experience needed for the project.

When searching for a contractor to work with, here are a few tips to guide you:

  • Get recommendations – ask your family, friends, or neighbors who have recently remodeled their exteriors with a reliable contractor. Create a list of at least 10 local contractors and narrow them down until you find the one you think suits the job.
  • Compare their portfolios – this helps you identify the specialization of each contractor. Ask each candidate to provide you some of their latest work to examine. Their portfolio should contain before and after photos of each project.
  • Check their licensing and certification – choose the contractor that has the appropriate license and certificate based on their specialization. You can contact the local licensing division to confirm the requirements needed for the project.

Precision Windows & Doors can help you enhance the appearance of your home through siding and installation services. Durable and attractive siding can be a rewarding addition because it can add value to your property. It also protects your home from extreme weather conditions to maintain its quality.

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