If your home is more than 15 years old, it’s a good idea to check the condition of your windows. Replacing worn-out, leaky windows not only makes your house look better, it can lower your energy bills.


If you see fog, water droplets, or even a white film on the inside of your windows or in between the panes of glass, this is a sign the seal is no longer keeping air and moisture out of your home. The white film is the result of calcium that stays on the glass after the water has evaporated. Replacing these worn-out windows will protect your home and keep your furnace and air conditioner from working as hard.

Single pane glass

Windows with only one pane of glass don’t do much to block out heat and cold, making it difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. If you see frost on the inside of the window, or the glass feels very cold to the touch, upgrading to double-pane windows is a good idea. You’ll save on your energy costs and reduce hot and cold spots inside your house.

Cracked glass

Ignoring cracked glass is literally throwing money out the window! A crack may seem minor, but even a small one can allow a surprising amount of your home’s warm or cool air to escape. It also allows water to enter your home, which can lead to mold and mildew. Replacing cracked windows will help prevent further damage to your home and keep your energy bills from skyrocketing.

Storm windows

In addition to the hassle of putting them up and taking them down every season, storm windows are not as energy-efficient as today’s newer windows. They’re designed to be an added barrier against wind to improve insulation, but they require more maintenance and don’t work as well as replacement windows.

Difficult to open and close, get stuck

Over time, the rollers and guides that allow windows to open and close can wear out. If your windows can’t be opened easily, they could pose a significant risk to your family in the event of a fire. In addition, double-hung windows have a balance that keeps the window up when it’s open. If this fails, the window can slam shut suddenly and injure someone. Replacing them with windows that operate smoothly will increase your family’s safety.

Don’t close and lock securely

If you have windows that don’t close all the way or can’t be locked securely, they should be replaced. Not only does this leave your home vulnerable to a break-in, a window that isn’t shut tight will leak air and moisture, reducing its energy-efficiency. New windows should close completely and lock easily.

Drafts, leaking water

If air or water is leaking around the edge of a window, that’s a sure sign that it should be replaced. You can feel drafts, but water can leak in behind the walls where you can’t see it. This is the number one cause of mildew and mold in a home. Anything from loose glass or a weakened seal between the sash and frame can cause leaks. With wood windows, moisture can warp the frame. Sealing and weather stripping can provide a temporary fix, but new windows will provide lasting protection from air and water.

High energy bills

If it costs a lot to heat and cool your home, your old windows could be to blame. Replacing them with new, low-E glass windows will save energy and money.

Lots of outside noise

If you live next to a highway, airport, or train tracks, you expect a certain amount of outdoor noise in your home. But if you’re in a quiet residential area and you can hear every dog bark and car door slam on the block, you probably need new windows. Double-pane or laminated glass windows can deaden the noise and keep it outside your home where it belongs.

Daylight around the edge of the window

If sunlight is leaking in around your windows, so is air and water. This indicates a broken seal, and a loss of energy. Properly installed replacement windows will block these elements from entering your home.

 Fading furniture

New, energy-efficient windows can block the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which are what cause carpet, furniture and drapes to fade.

Window frames falling apart or rotting

These windows should be replaced immediately. New window models are available in low-maintenance materials like vinyl and aluminum that never flake, blister, peel, or rot.

 Difficult to clean

There’s no longer a need to climb up and down a ladder to clean the outside of your windows. Today’s double-hung models have tilt-in sashes to allow you to clean the exterior glass from inside your home. And, if you like the look of grids or grilles but hate cleaning all those individual panes, some brands offer windows with grilles that are removable or in between the panes of glass.

Replacement Window Options

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