If you live in Kansas City, you’re well aware of the severe weather the area is prone to. Because KC is located at a climatic boundary that receives several intrusions of multiple air masses, Kansas and Missouri endure violent thunderstorms and tornadoes every year. Some storms are very severe, punishing the area with hail, flash flooding, and straight-line winds.

As a result, many homes rely on siding, which is material applied to the walls of a building to protect it against the harmful effects of the elements, such as rain, sun, fire, pests—and the cumulative effects of time. For residents of Kansas and Missouri, though, they need the very best protection they can get.

Enter James Hardie, the premier supplier of wall siding on the market. Not satisfied with providing ordinary siding, the company makes material that is tested to withstand the very worst weather conditions. With its registered Engineered for Climate concept, James Hardie siding protects your house from thunderstorms, sandstorms, tornados, hurricanes, floods and other disaster-laden scenarios.

James Hardie siding is also enforced by the HardieZone system. This means that every product is designed and manufactured with every type of climate in mind. The ratings are designated from HZ5, which denotes siding that is specifically designed to resist water and freezing conditions to HZ10, which protects homes from heat, humidity and ultraviolet rays.

For lasting color, the company uses its exclusive ColorPlus Technology, which consists of multiple coats that are 50 percent beyond what the average house painter uses. As a result, James Hardie siding looks fresh for a much longer period of time than vinyl siding paint.

With all of these exclusive benefits, it’s no wonder James Hardie is the top siding choice on the market. The company has received acclaim from industry experts and media establishments that include Money magazine, GreenBuilder, Qualified Remodeler, Hanley Wood, and Southern Living. If you’re looking for quality siding for your Kanas City area home, contact us today to learn more about the benefits of James Hardie siding.

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