A DECRA® roofing system is made of stone coated steel, making it a lightweight, extremely durable and long-lasting product. It’s environmentally-friendly and made in the USA, at a Corona, California, manufacturing facility.

The DECRA® coating was developed out of necessity during WWII, to camouflage and protect metal roofs of buildings in areas that were frequently hit by bombing raids. It was so effective, it was further developed into a protective coating for many commercial and industrial buildings. Today, DECRA® Roofing Systems has built on more than 50 years of research and experience to develop a stronger basecoat made of acrylic, as well as improved installation and production methods.

Benefits of a DECRA® Roofing System

There are many reasons homeowners and business owners choose DECRA® products. You can get the look of concrete and clay tile, asphalt shingles or wood shakes, with a lighter weight, Class A fire rating and a lifetime limited warranty. DECRA® shingles and tiles are pressure-formed, with a stone chip top coat that’s acrylic-bonded.

The products are made with recycled materials so they’re sustainable, and at the end of their 50 year lifespan, the panels themselves can be recycled.

The stone coating won’t fade, blocks UV rays, and has warranties for high winds of up to 120 mph and hail penetration. The level of protection is so high, many insurance companies offer discounts for homes and offices with DECRA® roofs.

The low-maintenance, aluminum and zinc coated steel resists corrosion better than a painted galvanized steel roof, with a texture that makes it walkable. The panels have additional shear strength that make them a good choice for earthquake-prone areas.

Unlike traditional asphalt shingles, DECRA® shingles last up to 50 years, and the granules are adhered with acrylic so they don’t come off.


DECRA® roofing systems come in a variety of colors, and in styles like shakes, tile, and shingles. Some products can be installed directly to the roof deck with a special hidden fastener system that doesn’t require the use of any special tools. Other styles use battens, which make installation easy while providing additional energy efficiency.

  • DECRA® Tile looks like a traditional Mediterranean tile, with the durability of stone coated steel.
  • DECRA® Villa Tile has the same elegance and beauty of old-world Italian tile.
  • DECRA® Shake is a weather-resistant alternative to cedar shakes.
  • DECRA® Shake XD® provides a more rustic look, like that of a hand-split wood shake.
  • DECRA® Shingle resembles the classic asphalt shingle, but with the added strength of steel.
  • DECRA® Shingle XD® is the best alternative for heavy-cut architectural wood shingles.

DECRA® Accessories include panel vents, guards, and ridge vents that are designed to work seamlessly with the DECRA® Roofing System. They provide energy savings and block debris while maintaining the beauty and curb appeal of your roof.

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