When the weather starts warming up, it’s time to head outside and see how the winter wind and weather affected the outside of your home. Catching any needed repairs and performing preventive maintenance now will ensure your biggest investment is ready to face the summer heat and sun.

Spring Home Maintenance

Inspect, Clean, and Repair

1. Siding

If you have vinyl, wood, aluminum or cement siding, look for boards or sections with holes, cracks, or missing pieces. These are areas where water and insects can penetrate your walls, so make sure any damaged sections are replaced right away. If your home has stucco siding, look for areas with cracks or holes that will need to be patched. Call a professional for these repairs.

2. Foundation and Drainage

Examine the foundation from top to bottom for any cracks. Look for any areas where water might pool against the house and cause leaks. Low spots will need to be filled with dirt.

3. Gutters

Look for any joints or brackets that need to be repaired or replaced. Clean leaves and debris out of the gutters to prevent water damage to your home. Install splash pads or downspout extenders on all the downspouts to direct rainwater out away from your home.

4. Roof Shingles

Do an inspection from the ground and look for shingles that are missing, cracked, or buckled. Signs of any of these could mean water can seep through into the house. After it rains, be sure to note if any granules have washed off the roof, as this is a sign the shingles will need to be replaced.

5. Chimney

Look for plants growing out of the chimney, which is a sign water is leaking in. Check for any loose or missing bricks. Make sure the flashing where the chimney connects to the roof is secure to prevent leaks.

6. Windows

Check the caulking and weather stripping around the windows to make sure it’s all intact. If there’s loose caulk, remove and replace it to prevent air and water leaks. This is a good time to wash the outside of your windows.

7. Trees

Look for dead branches and limbs hanging near your home, especially over your roof. Remove these or have a professional do it, before they can be knocked down by a spring storm and damage your house.

8. Paint

If there are small areas of peeling or missing paint on your siding or window trim, touch them up before the wood has a chance to rot. For larger areas, either repaint or replace your siding to prevent damage from moisture, termites, and other insects.

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