Whether your home has original wood window frames or you just had newer wood frames installed, regular maintenance will help them to stay looking their best. By doing inspections and cleanings on a monthly basis, you can prevent some of the damage and recognize problems early. Here’s how to take care of wood windows properly so that they will be in good working order for many years to come.


Over time, dirt and dust can build up on the exterior of your window frames which can cause problems. Areas like cracks, or peeling paint, can lead to frame rot later on, so inspecting and cleaning your window frames on a regular basis is especially important.

To clean your wood window frames, use a soft-bristled brush and warm water. Mix one tablespoon of a mild liquid detergent with one quart of water. Then wet your brush in the soapy water. Wash the wood window frame thoroughly, looking for any imperfections along the way. Be sure to rinse the brush with clean water often, then change the water when it becomes dirty.

Next, inspect the clean frames for cracks, peeling paint or mold growth. If you notice any problem areas, sand the frames with fine-grit sandpaper to remove mildew and old paint, then fill in cracks with a wood filler.

Staining or Painting

Wood windows need to have a high-quality finish applied to the frame. Over time, this finish can deteriorate leaving the window frames unprotected against the elements.

The exterior of your windows will need to be refinished more frequently than the interior, but both are important to stay on top of. Before refinishing your window frames, sand them down with a fine grit sandpaper to ensure a clean, flat application of paint or stain. If you decide to paint your window frames, prime them after you sand to allow for maximum adhesion of the paint. Once the priming is done, apply a latex or oil-based paint with a high-quality brush.


Caulking the edges of your window frames is essential in preventing moisture damage to the interior of your home. Regularly inspect the exterior caulking around the outer edges of the window frame to make sure it’s still fully intact. Trim off any loose or cracked areas and seal the gaps over with caulk that’s made for the outdoors.

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