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Winter is nearly over, and soon the days will be longer and the weather warmer. As you get ready to spend more time outside, it’s important to keep your home in top shape. Stay ahead of your home’s outside spring cleaning before spring weather hits with these eight tasks.

1. Clean the gutters

Cleaning your gutters may seem like a simple task, but doing this early on will help your much later during the spring season. Clean gutters can show any leaks or loose sections and can avoid flooding.

2. Examine your roof for damages

If your home got hit by a bad winter storm, taking a look at your roof is a good way to prepare your home for spring. Key things to look out for are for missing or damaged shingles, possible water damage or bugs or pests getting into your home. Leaks in your roof can cause structural damage and mold to grow.

3. Inspect windows and doors

A close inspection of your doors and windows can save you in the long run. Look for broken seals, cracks, chipped paint or water damage in your windows and doors. Damages in these areas can expose your home to the outside elements and decrease your home’s efficiency when outside air gets in.

4. Check for damaged siding

Winter weather is hard on your home’s siding. Taking time to review for any cracked or damaged siding will help prepare your home for the spring rains. Replacing any damaged siding before the weather hits will ensure that your home is safe from water damage.

5. Groom your lawn

Cleaning out leaves, broken branches and dead plants will bring your yard back to life for the warmer months. Plant your summer flowers once the last frost has hit so your plants will be in bloom by the time the warm weather hits.

6. Trouble shutting or locking

If you are struggling to shut and lock your door, this is a serious sign that you need to replace it. Uneven or damaged doors are a security liability and could put your home at risk of break-ins. Keep your home safe and secure by installing a new door that is easy to close and lock up.

7. Clean the windows

After you’ve checked your windows for any signs of broken seals or cracks, give your windows a good cleaning. You’ll be able to see out of them better and let light into your home, but you can also see if there was any damage you may have missed before if you have double-pane windows.

8. Organize and clean your garage

Garages are often neglected during the colder months, but the spring is a perfect time to clear out and organize your garage. Take time for a deep clean to get out those leaves, mud and other debris that found their way in from your cars. Get organized with a system like shelves, hooks or storage containers. Throw away any trash, clutter or junk that is taking up essential space.

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