A beautiful house with siding and replacement windows from Precision Siding & Windows in Kansas City Missouri

In a world where everything is customized and personalized, people want their homes to reflect their personalities and stand out from others. Home improvement shows that if you can think it, you can have it. If you want ways to change up your home’s exterior to stand out in the neighborhood, then these seven tips are for you.

1. Updated siding

New siding is a great way to elevate your home’s curb appeal and give it a fresh look. Get versatile styles with stucco for that Mediterranean feel, or modernize your home with steel siding that will protect your family from the elements. The possibilities are endless thanks to the different types of materials and styles available.

2. Statement front and garage doors

Functionality meets aesthetic when you install a new front door or garage door. Not only are you making a statement with fun door styles and colors, but you are also investing in safety and security. Replacement of front and garage doors will eliminate any security threats with a faulty or damaged door.

3. New windows

New windows are an investment that will pay off. Newer windows can make your home more energy-efficient and can give it added value. Updating your exterior window trim to match your home, replacing it with a different style or even adding shutters can make a huge difference.

4. Lawn care/landscaping

Spruce up your front yard’s landscaping with new flower beds, trees or a garden. A well-maintained garden and lawn will keep your home looking fresh and welcoming. Add seasonal flowers or new mulch in the flowerbeds to make a lasting impression.

5. Outdoor lighting

Line your walkway or driveway with outdoor lighting to accent your home. Added lighting can draw attention to details on your home that people wouldn’t normally notice during the daytime. New lighting will also give your home added safety and security to your family and guests that come to your home.

6. New mailbox

A simple yet effective way to make your home stand out is with an updated mailbox. This small detail is often overlooked, but mirroring your mailbox to your home will draw attention to little details throughout your home’s exterior and create a consistent look.

7. Outdoor furniture

Really make your exterior stand by adding furniture to your front porch. A nice table or comfortable chairs will welcome your guests to your home, and it can serve as an additional gathering space for your family in the warmer weather. Adding a few pieces can go a long way in making an impression.

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