One of the best ways to update and improve your home’s curb appeal and value is to install fresh new siding. Rather than starting yet another DIY project and discovering it’s too much to handle, or worse, it’s not done correctly, call a professional first thing! An experienced professional can save you both time, money and frustration. Here are five more reasons to leave your home’s siding installation project to the professionals.

1. Experience Matters

Siding installation may look easy, but it’s not for beginners. If you don’t have any experience with installing siding, leave it to the trained professionals. Our team knows how to work with eaves, corners, soffits and fascia as well as trimming the openings of windows and doors. We also have experience with a range of siding materials like vinyl, steel, fiber, smart board and stucco.

Before starting the project, we’ll inspect every part of your siding to determine whether to repair or remove the old siding. We can also fix the damage done by mold, water or vermin. Let someone who has an appreciation for the craft handle the demanding project.

2. On Time Installation

Whether you are replacing the siding on a small portion of your home or the entire place, a project like this can take some time if done yourself. Personal projects tend to be interrupted by family events, vacations and work. Leaving your home’s siding unfinished and exposed to the elements for long periods of time can make a situation worse. A contractor, on the other hand, will give you a clear date when the project will start and finish. This way, your siding will get done regardless of your personal schedule.

3. Proper Tools

Many people don’t realize the variety of tools required to complete such a demanding job like siding installation. Different types of siding often require specialized tools which make purchasing them even more expensive for the homeowner. Your contractor will have easy access to all these specialized tools and the proper knowledge on how to use them. No need to read complicated owner’s manuals!

Your contractor will also have the proper vehicle that is needed to bring all the siding to your house. Siding materials can be heavy and cumbersome and without the proper vehicle, you would have to arrange for an expensive rental vehicle.  

4. No Footwork Necessary

No one enjoys all the paperwork that comes along with large home improvement projects, like building permits and compliance with building codes. A professional can do all of that for you as part of the service.

5. Superior Warranties

When working with certified contractors, you have access to high-quality products backed by solid warranties. This gives you an extra layer of protection on your investment and peace of mind.

Whether you’re in need of a simple repair or a complete installation, call the experts at Precision Windows & Doors at (816) 524-8999 for a free estimate.