It can be a worrisome feeling knowing your home will be opened up to the outdoors for an unknown amount of time. In addition, it can be hard to plan your whole day around the project. If you have windows that need immediate attention, how long will it take for an installer to fix them? When considering how long window installation takes, there are several different factors that come into play.

Factors That Can Affect Window Installation Time

The dependability of the manufacturer your installer is using. The manufacturer has to deliver the windows to your installer; if they aren’t organized, it can lengthen the time from purchase to installation.

Whether the windows are standard size or custom built. Custom built windows will take longer to build and ship to the installer.

The dependability of the installer. Are they reputable and keeping in touch throughout the process?

The experience level of the installer. How long have they been installing windows?

The number of windows being installed.

The size of the windows.

The material the windows are made from. Wood windows can take more time due to priming, sanding and painting.

The material of the walls surrounding the window openings, such as brick, wood, HardiePlank, vinyl, or Stucco.

Whether or not there are obstructions in front of the windows on the exterior of the home, such as plants or heavy outdoor furniture.

Obstructions, such as heavy furniture, around the window openings on the inside of the home.

The amount of damage around the existing window.

One story home versus a two story home.

The Homeowner Association rules in your neighborhood.

The installer you’ve hired will be happy to give you their average times for window installation and answer any questions you’re unsure about. 

Preparing For Window Installation At Home

Here are several things you can do at home to ensure the window installation process will be as quick as possible.

Take Down Window Treatments

If a window installer has to do this, the process could take much longer than it has to. Before the installer comes to your home, remove your blinds, curtains and any other window treatments you may have. Talk to your installer, but typically you can leave the hardware on the windows.

Remove Security Sensors

If these are attached to any of your windows, be sure to remove them and turn off the alarm before the window installer begins their work.

Provide a Clear Path For the Window Installer

Make sure the window installer has plenty of room to maneuver, as windows can be heavy. In addition, move any heavy furniture close to the windows.

Clear the Walls

It’s advisable to remove all wall decorations from the walls close to the windows. The installer will be moving around these windows and they might accidentally knock something down. It’s best to take a little time before your installer arrives to remove these objects and store them in a safe place to ensure nothing breaks.

Place Drop Cloths

Replacing windows can be a dirty job. Your installer will often put down drop cloths and try their best to keep your home clean. However, you can ensure that your house doesn’t get dirty by putting down drop a cloth before the installer arrives. Cover your floors and any furniture that you want to keep clean. You can talk to your installer and ask if they have any suggestions.

Leave Doors Unlocked

Your installer will most likely need to work outside and inside. If you won’t be home at any time during the installation process, be sure to make arrangements with your installer so they can gain access to your home in your absence.

The Window Installation Process From Start to Finish

After the contract is signed with the installer, the window openings are measured in many different areas, assuring that the correct measurements are given to the manufacturer. Then, the installer orders the windows for a custom fit.  Around four weeks later, the windows are delivered to the contractor’s office.

After an installation date has been established, the installer will come to your home to begin the process. There may be one worker removing windows while the other brings windows inside from the truck. Ropes for the window sash weights are cut, then weights drop to bottom of window pocket. The new windows are then set into place, leveled with shims and nailed in.

A highly skilled window installer can usually install 10-15 windows per day. Each window should take around 30 minutes to install, depending on the size of the windows. However, window installation can be a two-day job depending on several factors. After removal and installation, they will begin to install exterior trim on your windows to finish the job. This exterior trim, or cladding, provides a tight seal against the weather. This service may be optional, so be sure to check your contract before they start the installation process.

From start to finish, the average window job takes approximately six weeks from the date the contract is signed, and one to three days for installation.

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