When it comes to a big purchase such as new or replacement windows for your home, you want to know that you’re buying an energy efficient product that will also be a good investment. The bottom line is this—triple pane windows are a good investment if you plan on living in your home for ten years or more. Triple pane windows also do a better job of preserving energy. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of each so you can make an educated decision on which is right for your home and your wallet.

Pros and Cons of Double vs Triple Pane Windows

The Pros of Double Pane Windows

Energy Efficiency

Double pane windows can be extremely energy efficient, but the window frame also plays an immense role in determining the overall quality of the window. With double pane windows, fiberglass frames are one of the best choices.

Double pane windows can reduce up to 50% in heat loss, keeping your energy bills low. In combination with a fiberglass frame, the overall energy efficiency of your fiberglass windows increase.


Double pane windows perform much better than windows with only one pane of glass. By using Low-E coating on the glass, infrared light is kept out while still allowing visible light to enter your home. Heat mirror film can also used in combination with double glazing fiberglass windows for added energy efficiency.

Gas Fills

Double pane fiberglass windows can have a gas fill between the two panes for added thermal efficiency. Gases such as argon gas and krypton gas can be used as an insulator. Argon gas is often seen as a more popular choice because it is also significantly lower in price than krypton gas and is, in most cases, a more suitable choice for insulating fiberglass windows.


Double pane windows are less expensive than triple pane. Since triple pane windows can cost ⅓ more than double pane windows, double pane windows are a wise choice if you’re looking for the best deal up front.

The Cons of Double Pane Windows


If you choose low-cost, poorly manufactured windows, they can negate energy savings and even lead to other problems such as condensation developing between the panes. Quality is key, and it usually comes at a higher price.

The Pros of Triple Pane Windows

Energy Efficiency

In colder climates, triple pane windows will help your home be more energy efficient thus lowering energy bills.


With triple pane windows, there is a great difference in performance as compared to double pane windows. When comparing factors such as the SHGC, or U-values, there is an approximate improvement of 20-30% in a triple pane windows energy ratings.


Triple pane windows have two spacers that separate the panes of glass. These premium spacers are generally made from a superior quality silicone resistant to UV light oxidation and offers great argon gas retention for higher energy efficiency.

Return on Investment

Triple pane windows will pay off. However, it could take 10 to 20 years.

The Cons of Triple Pane Windows

Noise Reduction

The additional pane doesn’t reduce outside noise any more than double pane windows. If you’re looking for noise reduction, try laminated glass.


Triple pane windows are heavier than double pane, so you need to make sure your home can handle the weight. Triple pane windows also need a strong frame material that can be durable enough to last. Due to the properties of fiberglass, fiberglass frames are able to withstand heavy loads without twisting, warping or sagging overtime.

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